We’re Live… and other news

We had a successful launch on Sunday, March 5th.

The site started out laggy, choppy, heavy on CPU, and difficult to connect. We quickly started pushing periodic updates with minor improvements. Now, on Day 6, the difference is quite noticeable. Once users have connected, the streams are stable with around 17 viewers.

However, the initial connection capability still isn’t where we want it to be, and we want to be able to have a much larger viewer pool without there being video quality degradation.

So we’re still working.

Thank you for bearing with us as we improve.

You might have noticed that you can now enter clickable links in the sidebar chat, use GIFs as your profile image, and that the background is no longer a two-tone gradient but a simple color fade. We’re listening to your requests!

Please email me at support@wekiki.freshdesk.com if you’re having any issues connecting. You might also find that the community is quite helpful– join our Facebook group to connect with other WeKiki friends.

We’ll see you on WeKiki! 💖

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